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Cassondra Roberts

I am a passionate front-end architect & technical lead at Red Hat on the Digital Marketing Strategy & Design team, where we build the design system that powers many of Red Hat's web assets.

Nothing makes me happier than exploring new technologies and implementing highly-optimized, clean solutions to complex problems.

Developer experience and accessibility are deeply important to me and these values guide the code that I produce and influence. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is open source community management; engaging with and connecting the contributors to many of Red Hat's open initiatives.

You're not going to learn code by passively watching someone else write it. You have to get into it, get really tangled up in it, and ask how you could make it better.

Collaborative Problem Solver
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Design system

PatternFly Elements

This is a web component implementation of the Red Hat design system. It leverages the encapsulation of ShadowDOM and the power of custom properties to create well-scoped elements that are still designer-friendly. Elements are accessible, context-aware, and framework-friendly!

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I've moved away from full-page design in the last few years to focus on systems architecture. When I was involved in these design projects though, I loved working with stakeholders to get at the heart of what they needed from their page; asking the right kinds of questions to solve the real problem and make something of which we both could be proud.

PAGE | Red Hat Learning Subscription

2016 July 24

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MICROSITE | Red Hat Summit

2016 May 20

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DrupalCon 2019

Unlocking design in a design system with custom properties

A deep-dive on how to leverage custom properties in a design system.

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DrupalCon 2019

Make web development fun again, with web components!

A joint presentation with Penn State on how web components can make development workflows fun and efficient.

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DrupalCon 2019

One of these things is not like the other; identifying patterns in a mock-up

An example-rich talk about how to break out mock-ups into patterns for maximum reusability.

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NCDevCon 2016

Reduce, reuse, recycle: Modular CSS

Creating highly-optimized patterns by increasing reusability in your codebase, thus reducing the size of your output.


How the site was made

There are so many amazing tools out there which make building a site quick and easy. Preprocessors like Sass are invaluable ways to incorporate loops and logic into your styles and build tools like Gulp.js make producing production-ready code a snap.

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